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Seibukai Hong Kong Branch is an official branch that was established in 2007 by Nagao Tsuyoshi Sensei (a pioneer whom introduced and promoted Kyokushin Style Karate in Hong Kong since the early 1990s) Seibukai Hong Kong Branch utilizes syllabus that is set by Japan Headquarter. Annual tournaments and trainings in Japan are available to all Hong Kong members, and all dan certificate holders are officially examined and accredited by Shihan Nishida. We are also a non-profit organization that promotes Karate with the focus of cultivating and developing the sense of discipline, endurance, persistence, and responsibility among the practitioners. Since Karate is a martial art that can strengthen ones’ physique. It helps to build up the learners’ durable mind, adroit technique and strong physique. Our training will also provide practitioners a way to better their motor coordination between their limbs and eyesight,  speed and reaction. Through a disciplinary training process, it helps to increase the practitioners' (particularly students’) learning efficiency by building up their concentration and strengthening their mind. Karate training not only can lead to a stronger body and mind, but also, by equipping oneself with self- defense technique, it fosters the confidence to cope with the challenges in their lives and work.


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