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Japan Headquarter (Honbu)


     The International Budo Organization Seibukai was founded by Nishida Shihan in December 1999. He has created a unique training system with Kyokushin basis and additionally incorporating other traditional martial styles including Chinese Kung-fu, Goju-Ryu and Aiki Jyu-jitsu. 


     Nishida Shihan began karate training at Oyama Dojo in 1964. Oyama Dojo was a small karate school at the time; however, it soon became the largest karate organization in the world known as “International Karate Organization Kyokushin- kaikan” in later years.  With his endeavor and talent, he became a remarkable student among those students in the dojo. He won the fourth place in the sixth All Japan tournament in 1974, and he was selected as one of the Japanese delegate team to compete in the first world championship. 


     In recent years, Nishida Shihan realizes that too much emphasis has been placed on tournament training and may original aspects of karate trainings have been neglected. Hence, the International Budo Organization was formed to facilitate a new method of teaching and developed the concept of lifelong martial way and lifelong learning karate. This becomes Seibukai karate that is the new way of karate of the old.

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