Application Procedure:


  • Application form can be obtained at the dojo during training hours.

  • All application form must be properly filled out and signed.

  • (Members under 18 years old must have signature form parents or guardians).

  • 1 x ID size photo.

  • One off member fee: HK$600.

  • Annual Member Renewal charge: HK$30.

  • If Member does not have Seibukai original dogi needs to pay a one off fee: HK$30

  • (Non-member are NOT eligible to take part in any functions arranged by headquarter in Japan, this includes summer camp trainings or any training in headquarter, grading examination and tournaments.)

Required items:

1. Kyokushin Karate Seibukai Dogi

2. A Pair of shin-Pads




YMCA Dojo 


Fees are collected on quarterly:

HK$1,320 (10 sessions)

Sogo Dojo 


Fees are collected on monthly: 

HK$400 (4 Lessons)

Free one month trial in Causeway Bay Dojo during the promotional period.